BodyBurn By Ray - A New Fitness Movement

Back in November I took a "social media manager" position at BodyBurn By Ray, with the expectation that I would mostly be scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts, and maybe taking some photos here and there. As a struggling recent graduate with a seemly useless photography degree, I thought this job would help me get my foot in the door to the social media world, which might eventually lead to a photography heavy job down the line. The position at BodyBurn quickly went from "social media manager" to photographer/videographer/graphic designer/social media problem solver, pretty much immediately. It encompasses everything visual, which is really all I could have hoped for. While fitness photography isn't really how I market myself as a photographer, I had to share these new team photos I did with the buRn squad the other day! Thanks to these guys I can say that I am putting my degree to some use! There are big things on the horizon for BodyBurn By Ray, this won't be the last time you see these faces!