Let's Talk About Inspiration

As a photographer, my mind is always brimming with ideas of photos that I want to take. I am constantly being hit with sudden inspiration, especially when I drive. I might pass a beautiful field, or drive under a tree that hangs over the road just right, or be struck by the rustic charm of a shabby farm house; all I see are possibilities. It's not just places but things too; pretty lights, a flowy dress, and especially other photographers work. I think to myself "I should do a shoot with those flowers just for fun" or "I'd really like to try out that style of photography". But I seldom make it happen (seriously, I bought those twinkle lights in December!). Life tends to just get in the way. I'll work a long day, and all I want to do is climb into my bed with my cat and some Netflix. Then I'll get on Instagram and browse through AMAZING photo accounts, and feel angry at myself for not putting in the effort to be better. In the past week I made my sister lay in the dirt while being swarmed by hungry mosquitoes, and stripped down for a little selfie action (photographer style) to complete not one but TWO of the photo ideas I had bouncing around in my head. They may not have come out exactly as I imagined, or look as amazing as some of those photos on IG, but I am proud of myself for getting off my lazy but and doing it! Stay inspired everyone!