Alex & Sarah's Surprise Proposal - Sudbury, MA

This past weekend I checked a BIG one off of my photoshoot bucket list. A couple photoshoot with a surprise proposal in the middle! And to make it even better, the lovely bride to be is one of my BEST friends!… So here’s how it all went down. Sarah and I met in 5th grade, sitting on top of the monkey bars at recess, where we would discuss topics such as Avril Lavigne, and our kitty cat patterned day-of-the-week undies. Fast forward through MANY birthday parties, back-yard plays, mall dates and years later, and we are still going strong. Unfortunately, even though you love your friends, once you graduate college, you sometimes end up moving away from each other. Because of this, I had never actually met Sarah’s now fiancé, Alex. So when his name popped up in my facebook messenger a few weeks back with “Hi, This is Sarah’s boyfriend, Alex.” I immediately began to tear up because I just KNEW it HAD to be about a proposal. And indeed it was. Now, Alex somehow knew that I was photographer, which is why he came to me initially, but what he didn’t know is that I am a master planner. I quickly laid out my surprise proposal photoshoot plan, (It was something I had thought about before) Alex was on board. Conveniently Sarah’s birthday was only days away, so I hit her with the “Happy Birthday!!! Miss you!!!” text, which segwayed perfectly into me inviting her to help with a fall photoshoot for my portfolio, days later I asked her if she could bring Alex, since I REALLY needed more couple photos. On the day of the shoot Alex and I exchanged the typical pleasantries, while also trying to communicate via exaggerated facial expressions and low talking. The “cue” was discussed in advance, and after the outfit change, I distracted Sarah by asking for some solo shots. Now, this was the part I was stressing, Alex was supposed to move back and off to the side, but I was worried that Sarah might look back at him too soon. Quite the opposite happened (as you can see) as I slowly moved to the side and asked Sarah to turn, she did. not. take. her eyes off of the camera, until I finally yelled “turn ALL THE WAY”! And just like that, my 5th grade buddy, who loved her label maker and pirates booty, was engaged! A fiancé, and bride to be! And lucky little me got to be there to capture it. Now (since I am officially a bridesmaid!) It’s time to PLAN!