Josh's Hallowell, Maine Senior Session

The boys are killing it this year with the senior pics! I always get a little nervous when I get a senior boy, because I'm fully aware that most of them don't REALLY want to dress up nice and pose for photos in front of a stranger, but lucky for me I have an 18 year old brother, so I have a some tricks up my sleeve. Josh's mom suggested this super cool location in Hallowell, which I can't wait to bring future clients to! I always appreciate when a client suggests their own location, I obviously have my favorites, but being new to the area I am a little bit limited. The Vaughan Woods also known as "Hobbitland" had a lot to offer, woods, fields, waterfalls, streams, and some beautiful stone bridges. Josh brought his mom and sister (who is currently studying at my Alma Mater, Endicott College). We chatted about summer jobs, swimming for CCSC, Endicott, and it made me a little bit nostalgic! It's that end of summer feeling!

Ruby Wallace-EwingComment