Spooky Summer Mount Hope Cemetery Shoot - Bangor, Maine

When I was in the 5th grade, my class took a field trip to the huge cemetery in the neighboring town. We did grave rubbings and took a guided tour lead by a mildly spooky old man. We learned about the dead, and the history, and spooked and scared each other like 5th graders do. And when my twin sister and I came home that day after school, we were terrified. We had trouble sleeping for months after the field trip, we had to listen to books on tape (yes, cassettes) every night to help soothe us to sleep, and I'm pretty sure we drove our mother crazy. Who knows why we were so afraid, but hey, we were ten.  Fast forward more than a decade, and my sister (and muse) and I produced one of our COOLEST shoots to date. Sometimes when we shoot, its on a whim because we have nothing else to do, sometimes its for a job, and other times, its for a *vision*. This was Daphne's vision, and it all started with a yard sale dress, and a daily work commute that took her right past Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor, Maine, the location of my most haunting childhood trauma. The weather was perfectly gloomy, and we were winning with poses and locations left and right. Creativity was flowing, and the results were pretty damn cool. And don't worry, I slept like a baby that night.