Nebraska Junk Yard Photoshoot

Wow. So much has happened in the past few weeks. I finally moved from Massachusetts, back to my home state of Maine, which has been so exciting and exhausting. I started a new job working part time as a photographer and videographer, for the Portland based company Controlled Chaos, which has been featured on NBC's Shark Tank! But, before all of this happened, I packed my last bags, and loaded up my mom's rental car, and headed out west to see my cousin get married in Colorado, Springs. We planned a few stops along the way, one of them being my cousin's house in Alliance, Nebraska. We got a little lost once we reached Alliance, like 45 minutes in the wrong direction lost. Luckily we passed an AWESOME junk yard, and felt so inspired that we returned the next day. I found the owner, Doug, sitting inside the garage, puffing a cigarette, and asked if we could please take some photos in his junk yard. He looked me in the eyes and firmly told me "No. No photos allowed" Paused, began to cackle, told me he was just joking, to watch out for rattlesnakes, and we were on our way! I don't always get the chance to take photos just for fun, but the photos from this trip are some of my favorites!