Portland, Maine - Fashion Portraits

Throwin’ it back to summer time, and one of my favorite photoshoots from last year. As a (once VERY dedicated) fan of the reality show America’s Next Top Model, I was stoked when I saw that a local hotel was holding a photography contest, with the prize being a mentoring session with “noted fashion photographer, Nigel Barker”. So, with FASHION in mind, we headed out into some of Portland’s most well known neighborhoods, to try and get a winning shot. You can see some behind the scenes action HERE. I really broke out of my comfort zone with this one, shooting in a downtown location, trying out night photography, AND going on Instagram Live. As usual there was some casual trespassing involved, and a trolly tour literally stopped out front of the mansion, as we were actively shooting on the front steps (see video link above). Apparently the hotel was looking for something SUPER boring, and not fashion related whatsoever, as we did not win. But, I still cherish these photos.

Ruby Wallace-EwingComment