Teresa - Belmont High School Class of 2018

And there it is, my last senior of the season! And what a way to go out! Foliage, foliage everywhere! Such a beautiful fall session at the Mass Audubon Sanctuary in Belmont. With raindrops pelting my windshield on the drive from Salem, I began to panic a little that it would be too rainy for photos, but by some miracle we managed to get an hour break from the rain, right before the big storm hit! You know that one that knocked power out for almost a week and canceled Halloween in some towns. Senior season went out with a bang, and although I still have a few sessions I have yet to post (saving my little brother's for the right time) I want to send out a huge thank you to all of my Orono, Belmont, Salem and Old Town High School Seniors for an amazing summer/fall, good luck with your next steps, whatever they may be!

Ruby Wallace-EwingComment