Throughout my experience as a photographer, and as an everyday person perusing the internet, it has always been evident that quality photography makes a business stand out. When you put your business online for the world to see, you want to be sure you are representing it in the best possible way. Professional photos are not only pleasant to look at, but they boost engagement, and they make you appear more desirable to potential clients. 

All business packages are based on a one month (or 4 week) time frame. However, the scheduling of posts and accompanying text is up to the social media manager. These packages include image and video content ONLY. Posts-per-week are estimated. You are free to use the photos and videos on your Instagram, Facebook page, website etc. 

*All first time bookings will include a complimentary cover photo formatted for web and mobile, and a simple headshot.*



This package is perfect for you if you want to start small. You may rarely post on your social media pages, or you have just opened a new account and have no content to start with, but you want to change that. This package includes:

1 photoshoot day

Enough content to post 2-3 times per week, including 1 video



This package is perfect if you post regularly on your accounts, but you're looking to bump it up a notch and improve the quality. This package includes:

2 photoshoot days

Enough content to post 4-5 times per week, including 2 videos



This package is perfect if you want a large social media presence. You want to post basically every day and you want those posts to be cohesive in quality. This package includes: 

2 photoshoot days

Enough content to post 6-7 times per week including 3 videos