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My name is Ruby and I am a Maine based creative portrait photographer. As the child of a professional artist, my creativity is something that has been cultivated all my life. I knew from an early age that I was going to be an artist. It’s written plain and simple under “future occupation” in my 8th grade yearbook. I have a brain that is overflowing with ideas for creative concepts, that fit a variety of aesthetic from edgy to elegant. And I am ready to turn them into a reality, the only thing that’s missing, is you!

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Hey, I'm ruby

We (I’m looking at you ladies) always want to book a photoshoot during milestones.

sound familiar?

But milestones usually mean our lives get busy. 
The next thing we know, we are stressed to the max, trying to coordinate six outfits, find a hairstyle we can pull off, while trying to get our child, or partner to pretend like they are having fun.

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but so do you!

Milestones deserve to be celebrated and documented...

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It’s about leaving your session, not with the mindset of “we are never doing that again” but with a “post photoshoot high”. Feeling refreshed, energized, glowing, and empowered, like the Goddess that you are! 

Being part of a creative process

bringing a vision to life

enjoying not just the final images,but the experience as a whole.

A creative portrait session is all about having fun and celebrating YOU.

It’s about...

With smartphones only an arms length away at any given time, and front facing cameras opening to show less than favorable angles of our faces, we have had to endure viewing so many photos of ourselves where we don’t love how we look. This constant bombardment of unbecoming images has convinced some of us that we are simply “not photogenic”.

Newsflash, even Beyoncé has bad angles, everyone does!

While I’m a firm believer that loving your “imperfections” is a great mindset to have, the truth is a lot of us are still working towards that. Self love is something that requires constant maintenance. Together, we will identify some of your fears and insecurities before the shoot, so we can focus on having an amazing day, living in the moment, and highlighting your favorite aspects of yourself at the session. In the end, you will have a gallery full of images that you love, along with a new found sense of confidence in front of the camera. 

I get it.

Here's the thing...


Ruby encouraged me throughout the entire session, and as we took more photos, I could feel myself coming out of my shell. For a camera-shy person, I have never had so much fun being the center of attention! She helped bring out the best in me, and it showed in the photos- I was glowing. I felt truly beautiful, and it was all thanks to her. 


I felt like priority for the whole experience. The results were breathtaking and so professional. To the point they surpass music industry standards, which is the field I am in. I highly recommend Ruby and will be returning to shoot with her!


She is so amazing to the core, and it shows in her work with the effort she puts into her shoots: preparation, creativity with handmade props, lightning speed editing, hyping up her models, the list goes on! I’ve been nothing short of astonished by the photos I’ve received from Ruby.


Ruby is the BEST! I usually hate having my picture taken (but went for it anyway for a nice engagement shoot) and Ruby helped make us feel completely comfortable (and a lot less awkward than we anticipated!) She was super approachable and relatable, and by the way she helped direct you through the posing, you can see how talented and experienced she is! I cannot recommend her enough. 


I did it for fun originally and just to try something different and I was absolutely floored by the results. I hadn’t ever done professional photography before and the pictures were gorgeous. The lighting, the settings, outfits, and angles- she always captures me perfectly. 

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