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I grew up in a family of artists, and photoshoots were a common activity in the house. What started as a fun way to pass the days during summer vacation, ended up as a way to bond with the women in my family. As I entered early adulthood, my mom, sisters and I would load up the car with dress up clothes, accessories, and a cooler of fruity drinks, and drive until we found an interesting location. We would spend hours talking, laughing and taking photos, and then we would head home for a viewing party, while we were still feeling our “post photoshoot high”.

It wasn’t really about the photos, it was about celebrating each other, breaking free from our boring routines, and creating something amazing together. The more I shared these photography experiences, the more I realized that other women wished they could be a part of something similar, and from that, the Goddess Session was born!

I’m a Maine based creative portrait photographer, crown crafter, and creator of the Goddess Session.

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Hey, I'm ruby

I don’t mean getting ready for a night out, or throwing together a quick DIY halloween costume. I mean the dress up we played when we were little. Playing dress up makes us feel good! There is something about putting on an outfit that is completely the opposite of what we wear day to day, that gives us a sense of confidence, a feeling of liberation. Playing dress up gives us permission to break out of our shells, or even take on a new personality.

I’d argue we need to play dress up more now than we ever did as children.

When was the last time you played dress up?

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On top of nearly ten years of experience shooting portraits, I have a four year degree in photography. Creating an amazing photo is a combination of lighting, composition, framing, guidance, camera technicalities and more. Simply put, I have been training for YEARS to learn how to take good photos. Being in front of a camera can be a vulnerable experience. I understand that, and I want to assure you that you are in safe, well trained, and capable hands. 

It's my job to help you feel your best in front of the lens.

It's time you love the way you look in photos.

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Do you remember the moments during your childhood when you started to feel “too old” for something? Trick-or-treating, playing with barbies, playing dress up. I remember these moments, and how sad and confusing they were. Sometimes, it felt like I was being deprived of having fun, in order to “be cool”. And… I think that sucks. Book a creative portrait session for your inner child, because over here we do not deprive ourselves of fun at any age! 

Let's create something spectacular together.