“Flippin’ your fins you don’t get too far, legs are required for jumping, dancing…” Like any 90s baby raised on The Little Mermaid, I spent many hours of my childhood diving around in the water, pretending I was Ariel. Honestly, if I were to hop into a pool today, at age 27, it would only […]

Audrey’s Mermaid Goddess Photoshoot | Fortunes Rocks Beach, Maine

Goddess Sessions



As a child I was always fascinated by Alice In Wonderland. I even played the part of the crab (I had two lines) in my middle school’s production of the Lewis Caroll classic. As autumn came to a close, I felt the pull to do something BIG before winter officially arrived. I teamed up with […]

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party | High Fashion Concept | Biddeford, ME

Creative Portraits